RandMinOakH“Having all the answers means  you haven’t really ecstatically kissed or lived, thereby declaring the world defined and  already finished.  Loving all the questions, on the other hand, is a vitality that makes any length of life worth living.  Loving doesn’t mean you know all the notes and that you you have to play all the notes, it just means that you have to play the few notes you have long and beautifully.”  

–Martin Prechtel, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic

Martin Prechtel describes Western culture an “orphan” culture, a culture which has exiled itself from its natural roots, and mistaken exile for freedom. Celtic Tantra workshops are about coming home to relationship and integration, connecting more deeply both with our own natural vitality as loving, sexual beings and with the nourishing earth to whose rhythms we were once so deeply attuned. The journey we travel with you is a journey of integration “Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart,” (Wordsworth)
We run three main kinds of workshops:
  • The Celtic Gateway workshops are seasonal, and  follow the cycle of festivals traditionally celebrated  by our ancestors throughout northern Europe.  At the heart of  these workshops is the quest to restore and deepen our connection with our primary relationship, which is with nature.
  •  The Couples’ workshops are for partners whose desire is integration with the beloved, and who wish to deepen their relationship at every level — sex, heart and spirit.
  • The Pelvic Heart Integration workshops (PHI) involve the most intimate journey of all –- the inner journey towards integration within the self.
We look forward to  meeting you and exploring this work together.
Go well!
Robert & Marta