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Pelvic Heart Integration was originally developed by Jack Painter (1934-2010).  Painter’s most  famous work  was the creation of the body-based system called Postural Integration.   His Pelvic Heart work emerged from PI, but he later gave Pelvic Heart treatments separately.   Deborah Anapol joined him at the beginning of the 1990s, and continued to work with him for at least the next 10 years

Deborah herself was was a clinical psychologist, sexologist, and tantra teacher. What emerged from their work together represents a fusion of Painter’s genius as the creator of Postural Integration with the genius of Deborah Anapol’s radical work in New Age psychotherapy.

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After Painter’s death, Deborah continued to explore ho to pass on what they had developed together in ways which kept the work alive and growing. She did so by touring the world with Pelvic Heart workshops such as the one we had attended in London. She did so, eventually, in creating an open-ended Training manual which she was still writing and revising up to her unexpected death, as the Training developed.

Pelvic Heart Integration offers a unique combination of tools to support those who wish to move beyond their conditioning into greater authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship. This work opens the whole body to greater sexual flow, releasing energetic blockages. It connects the heart, the seat of our deepest longings, with the pelvis, the energetic centre of our sexual drive and lust for life. As taught by Deborah Anapol, the work also offers a unique way to free  blocks inherited from the ancestral line, and to allow us to  contact strength and support from that line, unencumbered by the wounds of the past.

Since Deborah’s death we have, as Deborah did, worked both to preserve the integrity of this work and also to make it our own. and incorporate our own experience as Tantra teachers of how we can identify with our energy flow rather be restricted by forms.   Ultimately, we invite you, as Deborah did, to be guided by your natural child, who is always curious, excited and innocent.  That is the spirit in which we find, in all our work, that we can reach the place of transformation — the place where Integration is not so much an end as a beginning .

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