Women’s Workshops

Embracing Second Spring

May 18-20, 2018, in South Brent, Devon

ngoddess1What a wonderful way to welcome in the Spring. I really enjoyed the qi gong outside, and connecting with the spirit of the trees and the land.”

“My sexual energy has been flowing beautifully since the weekend, not only in my sex, but in my creativity, my spirit, and my joy in living. Thank you for a relaxing, energizing and beautifully supportive weekend. It was great to be in such a lovely all woman space.”

 This workshop is led by Marian Rose, and hosted for Celtic Tantra by Marta Emmitt. 

We’ll be celebrating the Spring time, and aligning with its burgeoning nature as we connect to the Earth and the fresh growth of this season.

Embracing Second Spring is about how to feel healthy, hormonally balanced and self-empowered in the years leading up to peri-menopause, through menopause, and beyond.

Despite conventional thinking, this time holds enormous and exciting potential for women.  The sacred monthly Blood that used to be lost externally is now energetically focused within, offering the capacity for enhanced health, renewed creativity and even increased sensual pleasure.  The Taoist tradition offers simple yet powerful practices to help us maximize the magic of this phase of our lives.

Marian Rose will be teaching Taoist breathing, visualization, and moving meditations, and working with the magical Jade Egg to gently nourish the Kidneys and Adrenal glands, Liver and Spleen.

  This workshops  is non-residential, but there are local places to stay.

Cost:   £135.00 if you book by paying your deposit of £50 before May 1st.   Late booking £150.  Spaces are limited to 10 women, early booking is strongly advised.  No place can be held without a a deposit, and deposits are non-returnable.  Price includes lunch.

 marian-2Marian Rose has been practising traditional acupuncture since 2006 using an integrated style combining traditional Chinese medicine with Five Element Acupuncture.  In Thailand she completed the Sacred Feminine Treasures Teacher training with Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos, including Taoist Tantric Arts. She has also trained with Mantak Chia (the founder of the Universal Healing Tao tradition).   She teaches the Universal Healing Tao style of qi gong, and facilitates women’s circles, meditation groups, and Jade egg practices.

For more information on Marian’s work, please visit her website: click here.

Note on BBT

Bits for NAB BBT:

2017:  Sunday, September 24,   6:30 pm – Thursday, September 28, 5 pm. 

Our 2017 Autumn  5-day Intensive takes place at Nab Cottage, Rydal, in the English Lake District.  Please note that this workshop runs from SUNDAY to THURSDAY.  Nab Cottage is in the heart of the English Lake District.  The ethos and location there both make it a very safe and supportive retreat for a small workshop of 8-12 participants to set out on such an intense personal and transformational journey together.

2018:  Wednesday May 9, 6:30 pm – Sunday May 13, 5 pm.

As in 2017, the Spring Intensive will take place at Eden Rise, deep in  the Devon countryside, but only four miles from Totnes, which is on the mainline to Bristol, London, and also the North.  Like Nab Cottage

The main workshop sessions will run as follows:

Nab Cottage: Sunday, 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm; Monday-Wednesday,  daytime sessions from 10 am -6pm, and at least one evening session, 7.30 pm – 10 pm;  Thursday, 10 am-5 pm.

Eden Rise: Wednesday, 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm; Thursday-Saturday,  daytime sessions from 10 am -6pm, and at least one evening session, 7.30 pm – 10 pm;  Sunday, 10 am-5 pm.

Price at Nab Cottage: 

Price at  Eden Rise May 9-13, 2018:  This is still in negotiation, but we shall have a definite price by the end of October, 2017.  Our expectation is that the price will be around £25 more than at Nab.

We are running these workshops at as low a cost as possible, in order to make sure that this work gets out to people, and does not die with Deborah.  This is only possible because of the generosity of places like Nab Cottage and Eden Rise, which have provided us with such safe and beautiful spaces in which to work on such generous terms, and the support we have received from others who have experienced the work and know how life-changing it can be.

RESIDENTIAL   (Deposit £100) Includes tuition, accommodation and all meals: £380.  Accommodation is mainly in shared rooms for 2- 4 people. (Price at Eden Rise estimated as £405)

At Nab Cottage there are also 2 Single rooms, which cost £60 extra.

NON-RESIDENTIAL (Deposit £50), Includes tuition, lunch and evening meal: £280.  (Price at Eden Rise estimated as £305)

Your Deposit must be paid in advance, and guarantees you a place on the workshop.  It is non-returnable.  The remainder may be paid on arrival.

Discretionary Reductions:  For this workshop, we are also happy to offer a number of  £50 reductions  for the low waged.

Food :  This workshop is catered.  All food is fresh, home cooked, and vegetarian.  If you are on a special diet, you should let us know immediately, so that we can inform Eden Rise well in advance, as they are the caterers.  They reserve the right to charge extra if your dietary requirements are complex, or involve extra expense.

Booking:  Places are limited. Please contact us by phone or email to let us know you want to book, and we will confirm that a place is available, and hold your place, subject to the receipt of your deposit.  Your Deposit must be paid within 5 days, and guarantees you a place on the workshop.  Deposits are non-returnable.   You may send your deposit by post, or by Bank Transfer, in which case you should ask for details at the time of booking.  Final payment must be made before the end of the workshop.

Robert’s Blog: Themes and structures of the 3-Day Samhain Workshop, 2017

tu teraz-1On Samhain: Going Underground 

To be at home in a place, to live in a place well, we first have to understand where we are; we’ve got to look at our surroundings. Second, we’ve got to know our own histories. Third, we’ve got to feed our ancestors… Lastly, we’ve got to begin to grieve.  Grief doesn’t mean sitting around weeping…grief means using the gifts you’ve been given by the spirits to make beauty…This locked-up grief has to be metabolized.  As a culture and as individuals, we must begin feeling our grief — that delicious, fantastic, eloquent medicine. Then we can start giving spiritual gifts to the land we live on, which might someday grant our grandchildren permission to live there.

—Martine Prechtel, from Saving the Indigenous Soul, Sun Magazine, April 2001

Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark.  That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself come from, and where you will go.

Rebecca Solnit, A fieldguide to getting Lost, 2006

Why “Celtic Tantra”?  (A reminder)

 Tantra celebrates the dance of masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, Green Man and Earth Goddess.  This sexual dance generates the energy which enables us to experience and celebrate our essential nature as loving, creative, sexual energy-beings.

The Celtic tradition celebrates the dance between man and nature, and invites us to transform our lives by attunement to the generative cycle of the natural year.

Our intention in all our work is to rediscover, weave together, and reconnect with these two traditions, and to share the experience with you in our workshops.

The time of Samhain in Celtic tradition

 In Celtic tradition, the year is divided into two halves. The “dark” part of the year is called “Dream Time.” This is the time of change and decay in the outer world, and the time of inner journeying.  The other half of the year is the “light” part of the year, the time of emerging into the light, and all the bustle of new arrivals, new projects, and new adventures in the outer world of manifestation.

Samhain is a very powerful Gateway.   It is all about going into the dark, letting go of what we know, and surrendering to the unknown.  In the natural world, harvest is over, leaves are falling, the sap no longer rises, storms jostle the trees and drown the fields in floods, and outer forms decay.   Martine Prechtel calls this the time of “composting.”

Going into the dark can be scary.  But in Celtic tradition it is also the key to transformation. It is the cycle of “composting” or dismemberment, followed by the gestation in the dark that leads to regeneration in the spring.  For this reason, the Celts apparently regarded Samhain not only as the door into the dark, but also as the start of the new year, leading eventually to manifestation in the following spring.

Samhain is also the traditional time for the honouring of the ancestors.  Many traditional societies, not only the Celts, seem to have a “Day of the Dead,” festival at this time. A feast is laid out.  The dead are remembered and welcomed, and for one night the living and the dead share a feast together.  Such honoured ancestors become the Dreamer’s allies in the inner journey underground.  Who better? They already walk those dark paths, and have knowledge and skill to guide us through the labyrinth.

The 3-day workshop

Our Samhain workshop is a carefully structured experiential process which prepares you to step through the Samhain Gateway.  We start the process of letting go with a solitary meditation — a walk into the autumn woods around the Tui I Teraz Centre.  What is falling, what is ready to be let go? Can you allow yourself to drop old attachments and encumbrances as naturally and gracefully as the tree sheds its leaves?

Afterwards, we go deep into the experience of  the inner jouneying that follows the letting go. As we do so, we add exercises to empower you, clearing away energetic blocks that stand in the way of full aliveness.  After that, the process of lighting the chakras, so that your energized “inner flute” will to keep your  inner fire burning strongly throughout your winter journey.

Finally, we also turn to ancestor-work.  Modern Western society has often been described as an “orphan culture,” in which we have cut ourselves off from the support of our ancestral allies.   In Western culture, the ancestral line often carries a lot of pain and shame in it, which must be healed before we can access our ancestors as allies.  So in this section of the workshop, you will explore structures which open up the possibility of transforming karma into dharma, and so allowing you to access the support of your ancestral allies.

We have been leading Samhain workshops now for over 10 years.   We have found this to be a wonderfully powerful work at a wonderful time of year.  May Samhain become for you, as it was perhaps for our indigenous ancestors, the Gateway into a personal journey of enlightenment and renewal.

  You will experience on this workshop:

Stepping into and embracing the dark, inside and outside you

Opening to your energy body

Experiencing through movement, meditation and touch structures your inner readiness to step out into this journey

Lighting the fires of the chakras

Clearing your ancestral line from pain and trauma

The honouring of your ancestors

Finding an ancestor to accompany you in the dark.

Your readiness to step into the winter Dreaming.

Tools we use will include:

Tantric Breathwork

Gentle massage and touch structures

Movement and Dance

Guided meditation

Transformative ritual and ceremony.

Cost in Zloti or Pounds Sterling:

With cheapest accommodation:             791 zloti  (£175 approx)

With most expensive accommodation:   950 zloti   (£210 approx)

©Robert & Marta, Celtic Tantra                                                                                                          September 2017

Celtic Tantra and Pelvic Heart Activation

 “Deep integration, profound core healing of what comes to the surface of being in relationship, about love, staying in your own truth, [and] meeting the partner again in the healing space..”    — Activation Session for Couples, 2016

Deborah Anapol was the one of the most inspiring tantra teachers we have had the privilege to  meet, learn from, be  trained by, and work with.  We met her first at a Conscious Sexuality festival  in the summer of 2011, fell in love with her work, took her  5-day Pelvic Heart Immersion workshop s in London, and became her assistants  in the followingwing year.  What she taught us   that Autumn, and by the end of the course we were hooked.  Her whole approach to working with mapping energy and through breathwork, embodiment,  gestalt and intimate bodywork was inspirational.

Pelvic Heart Integration was the name  Jack Painter originally gave to a core section in his now famous system of bodywork, Postural Integration.  In his later years Painter separated out this most intimate and therapeutically radical element in his work, and continued to develop it as stand-alone healing process.  Deborah Taj Anapol was a key colleague of Painter’s at this time —  a clinical psychologist, therapist, and tantra teacher, whose whole life and work celebrated human sexuality as a path to greater wholeness.  Deborah worked with Jack Painter for over 10 years, and continued to teach Pelvic Heart Integration until her death in August 2015. It was our privilege to have Deborah as our teacher and dear friend for four years, and it was her wish that we should take up teaching and sharing this powerful tool for personal transformation.
PHI is a offers a unique combination of tools for those who wish to move beyond their conditioning into greater authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship. It opens the whole body to greater sexual flow, releasing energetic blockages, and connecting heart and pelvis. It also offers a unique way to access strength and support from the ancestral line, allowing access to  full aliveness, unencumbered by the wounds of the past. That  is why we include what Painter and Anapol pioneered by including PHI in our Celtic Tantra programme.
Our workshops are based on the Activations‘ programme which Deborah Anapol developed for teaching us.  Our most condensed version of this is based on what Deborah called a 5 or 6 day Immersion,  and we currently call an Intensive.  We are also developing what we are calling  PHI for Couples.  We  have also been authorised by Deborah to offer Individual Sessions.
For more information, go to the following pages on our PHI work:

Marta: Autumn 2016

Reflections at the Equinox

Marta WoodsIt’s been a beautiful summer for us.   This year for the first time in over 20 years, I didn’t have my summer school teaching in Oxford.   So I spent the delicious month of July here in Devon, helping the garden grow.  Then we had a wonderful holiday at our Welsh cottage with our oldest daughter and her partner and her children, reconnecting with all the fantastic things you can do with an eleven year old, a six year old and an almost five year old.   Jumping through waves, climbing hills, eating ice cream, listening to stories.

We also had the challenge of spending 10 days with Robert’s sister who has advanced Parkinson’s and is now suffering from dementia.   We hoped very much that being in our Welsh cottage in a place she has loved since she was young, and which is full of memories, would bring her back to herself in some way.   But it was difficult for her to see the hills and the sea beyond the distress and pain of her illness.  It was a grim time.

In the times we were able to get away for an afternoon and watch dappled sun on the waterfalls, or just walk by the sea, we felt how strange it is to grieve for someone who is still alive, but not at all the person they were.     There was a longing for her to be released, yet a sense that there was still her energy here in this form, with some kind of purpose.   So we would return from those afternoons with hope and love for her, and continue to explore moment by moment what was possible to share.

We came away from August with a real sense of light and dark, expansion and contraction, wholeness and fragmentation.

I am still with some of that experience as I approach of the Equinox and that sensation of standing at the edge of darkness, balancing between the light behind and the darkness to come.  In my experience of leading Equinox workshops, the Autumn Equinox is not an easy time.   Maybe it’s because in some way we’re looking for balance, poise, meaning, in a still point that we try to grasp and define.   But there is no still point.   Everything moves and changes, little bit by little bit.   And trying to find and hold a moment is like trying to hold water.

In my garden there is growth, but less and less urgency, as if the plants are longing to create seeds, and the earth although warm, is craving sleep.   I find myself just beginning to turn inwards, needing to anticipate this change so that once it happens I’ll be flowing with it.  But I’m anxious, even frightened, about the dark to come.  This year more than I have been for some time.   Perhaps it is the sense of uncertainty that was so strong this summer, not just in our own lives but in the world around us.   I feel like giving up trying to find peace and security, and just being with what is.   But that also feels like giving up, giving in to the dark.

So these are Equinox “issues”.   When we create our Equinox workshops, Robert likes to begin with a very simple exercise.   One person stands between two other people, facing one of them, with their back to the other.  One of these people is summer, light, the past, the other is autumn, dark, the future and the unknown.   Both of the “helper” place their hands lightly on the shoulders of the person in the middle, who has their eyes closed.   Robert softly beats his drum.   And very gently the two helper softly push the person between them, so that they fall slowly forwards, and slowly back, feeling what is behind them and what is before them.  Gradually the two helpers move a little further away so that there is more and more time that the person in the middle is on their own, feeling the space in between, the space of uncertainty of unknowing.   And just as gradually they move back so that eventually the person in between simply rests between the two helpers.

This is always a surprisingly profound experience and everything we do on the Equinox weekends grows from it.  Whether we are working with breath, with touch, with meditation, there is always the base experience of the rocking.

This year we won’t be holding a workshop at all.   We’ll be walking on Dartmoor.   A group of women will walk from Scorhill stone circle to meet at group of men who are walking to Grey Weather stone circle.  Grey Weathers is unique in that it presents two circles, not quite touching, of equal size.   It’s a very wonderful place, and physically and energetically seems to embody the themes of Equinox.   Like most stone circles it does this on the non-human plane, the way stones are the great recorders of our presence on this earth.

So I’m wishing everyone who reads this the chance to feels what happens when light meets dark, summer meets autumn, whenever and however you are.   I hope you can find somewhere outside where you can be quiet and breathe and feel this subtle shift inside and outside you.

Wishing you a bountiful harvest.



Sexuality in the Celtic Year (Marta)


Nature festiivals…, which mark the beginning and end of each season, orient us within the great round of terrestrial life.  They align our social and psychological lives with the rhythms of growth and decay, light and dark, outward turning and inward turning.  By aligning our conscious selves with the rhythms and cycles of outer nature, we invite and support the embodied expression of our souls, our inner nature.                 –– Soucraft, by Bill Plotkin
Sexual magic is about experiencing oneself as a source, the giving of that, the spending of that has always been a feature of sexual magic literally. But in energetic work it is the experience of giving, not what is given, that is important                                                                                     —   John Hawken  
       The Celtic festivals describe the round of the seasons, how things grow and change, increase and decrease, expand and contract,are born and die. What makes this round so powerful for us as humans is that this cycle is sexual; it is the fertility cycle of the year, from seed to plant, to fruit and back again to seed. This cycle mirrors the movement not just of our own sexual cycle as humans, but the journey we make through life, from birth to death, and beyond. Each point in our life as man or as woman is part of this great cycle, and has a sexual expression and connection with the world we live in. The importance of experiencing our sexuality in this way is obvious: the more we see ourselves as part of nature, as mirror and as mirroring, the more we can learn to understand, love, and nourish our connection with the natural world, and perhaps heal some of the hurt that alienation has caused in our time.
         In our experience of learning and practising western Tantra, as a couple and as teachers, it became very clear that we as humans have lost touch with the cyclic quality of our sexuality and of our life force. For us just practising the powerful structures, meditations and ritual of western Tantra was not enough, we needed to make a connection to our indigenous roots, to the Celtic cycle of the year, to make sense of it all, in a wider context, beyond the relationship between man and woman and into the relationship between man/woman and the natural world that holds us. Above all, we wanted be more in touch with the sexual relationships between ourselves and our world, how we give and receive from nature at all times of the year, in darkness and in light. 
      The Celtic festivals offered us that link. If we can stop and celebrate, sexually, each of these powerful gateway points in the year, we can begin to align ourselves with nature, and draw on, as well as give to, the source of all energy and life. This sounds like a big task, and very grand, but it is actually very simple. The best way to describe it is to take you on a journey through the sexual cycle of the turning seasons, visiting each of the four great lunar “Fire Festivals” of the Celtic year.
     The Celtic year begins in the dark, with Samhain, at the end of October. Traditionally, Samhain is the time of in-turning, of connecting with the dark, looking forward towards the deepening dark of winter. In the deepest dark nothing grows, all is quiet, waiting. Seeds lie under the dark earth, the cold stops them until it is time to germinate. For humans Samhain is a time for dreaming, for connecting with inner guides, for soul journeys and shamanic healings. Samhain is also the time for honouring and connecting with the ancestors, as the veils between the worlds of light and life and dark and death are then very thin.
     So in our Samhain workshops we practice Tantric structures around letting go, dissolving, and dismembering. We work with the breath to deeply relax the body, and to begin to enter into the altered state that promotes dreaming. Samhain gives us the opportunity to make peace with the dark, inside and outside us. We then work with lighting the fires of each of the chakras, together building enough fire to take us through the winter months.
     Imbolc takes place at the end of January, in the depths of winter. But even in the deep cold, things are stirring, and this is the theme we explore at this festival. The first stirrings of spring can be experienced through streaming work, and movement structures which gently open the body to what is coming from the outside, and to what is happening inside us, even though we may still feel sleepy! It is a time of gentle sensuality, of tending to the body in pleasurable and simple ways.
      At Beltane everything explodes with the wild and sexy arrival of spring. Traditionally a time of courtship,Beltane is a great time to explore the dance of the masculine and feminine, the archetypal mating of man and woman. Our Beltane workshop, “The Goddess and the Green Man” tantrically celebrates the many ways and forms in which men and women can meet, love, nourish and delight in each other’s presence.
      Beltane is also a celebration of rebirth, and for this we invite our participants to get up at the very first crack of dawn and go out into the wood to really feel the freshness of the May morning, with all its possibilities and potential. And on that evening we end the day with a feast and dance, and the traditional jumping over the Beltane fires, calling in all the qualities we wish to manifest as the spring turns to summer.
Lammas or Lughnasa at the beginning of August is a time to take space to enjoy the lushness of summer: the delicious sensual fruits, the warm and lazy sexiness that comes with holiday time. This is a perfect time at which to practice touch structures, to celebrate sensuality and yumminess, and to enjoy being part of the summer community.
In addition to these four major lunar fire festivals we also celebrate the solar festivals – the Winter and Summer Solstices, and the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. So Celtic Tantra workshops follow a sexual spiral dance, from emptiness to fullness, and back to emptiness again.

      This is best summed up by one of our participants who wrote to us after an Imbolc weekend, describing the path we follow as one of “radical spirituality” :    

I have been thinking about radical spirituality, ”radical” meaning “to get to the root of things.” There were a number of things about the weekend that I think were radical…..
Firstly, I find lots of new age spirituality to be about self only, not outward looking in any way. This weekend was not that. It was about “Opening to other”, about listening deeply to the land and responding to it. It seems to me that this kind of spirituality is going to be essential to our continued existence on this planet – a spirituality that is about the land and our relationship with it rather than about me only. 
Secondly, I find a lot of revealed religions (Christianity, Islam) to be about transcendence – moving away from being human to some other state. I always find this a form of denial of our human/animal state. This was about being present to our human/animal state.
Thirdly, I keep thinking about sympathetic magic. Being sympathetic to the natural rhythms of the earth and trying to live in accord with it. Life eats life, life makes life. Life is about sex – in that it is about life reproducing itself. Tantra feels in sympathy with this urge.
Fourthly, laughter and enjoyment – I never did like the puritanical.

Our sexual life as human beings is about laughterand enjoyment, enjoying each time of year as fully and totall as we can, drinking in the fullness of the sexual life outside ans inside us — and knowing ourselves not to be separae from the natural world and each other, but part of something bigger and more magical than our individual selves.
Devon, September 2011                                                                 Copyright © 2011 Celtic Tantra. All Rights Reserved.