Celtic Tantra

Breath, Bodywork & Transformation

Breath, Bodywork & Transformation

Monday May 23 to Thursday May 26, 2022

Nab Cottage, Rydal Water, in the Lake District

Each of us holds a longing – to be whole and grounded in ourselves, to be able to reach out from our wholeness into relationship and connection.   But without that grounding, that inner sense of safety, we sometimes find it difficult to step into the world around us.   Old patterns rooted deep in our bodies and our psyches keep us small and limited, sabotage our desire for freedom and expansion.   So often we are acting out of fear rather than following our bravery and courage. 

Early in 2010, we met a wonderful teacher called Deborah Taj Anapol, who introduced us to “Pelvic Heart Integration,” and invited us to explore with her what it offered to us in our work.

Pelvic Heart invites you to “press the reset” button, to replace old patterns with new ones, generated out of our longings for wholeness.   Through this process of breathwork, body work and intimate massage we open our bodies and our imaginations to an experience of transformation, and to place that transformation deep in our physical self.

We will explore the received messages from our childhood, and look at how we can change those to support who we are right now.   We teach Jack Painter’s Four Part breath cycle, a breathing practice that moves from safety, through nourishment and expression and finally into freedom.   We then combine these two tools – the breathing practice and the transformed messages – in a process of bodywork and intimate massage.

Spaces are limited to 12 maximum.   Each person’s process will be guided and held by an experienced assistant, with the support of your fellow participants.   It is important that we begin from a place of safety and security.  We will do our best to make sure you feel safe and supported during your PHI process.

This work is quite intense and involves nudity and intimate massage.  It should only be undertaken by people who are ready to embark on it.   It’s useful to have some experience of breathwork, Tantra, or other deep somatic processes. 

We will be working at Nab Cottage, a beautiful, comfortable venue set in the stunning surrounds of the southern Lake District.   All food is home cooked and included in the cost of the workshop.   A limited number of single rooms are available for a small extra charge.

Cost £380 early booking (by May 1).   Late booking £430.

Robert and Marta trained in Pelvic Heart Integration with Deborah Taj Anapol in 2015.  Pelvic-Heart Integration (PHI) is a synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, body work, energy work, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading and Tantra and was developed by bodyworker Dr. Jack Painter.   Deborah Anapol was his student and fellow teacher.   Deborah Anapol died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2015, and only a handful of teachers of PHI remain.   Robert and Marta are the only teachers offering this experience in the UK.

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