Breath, Bodywork & Transformation


PLEASE NOTE All our workshops during the coronavirus pandemic are either cancelled, suspended, or replaced by online workshops or Individual and couple consultations. For how we are handling the Coronavirus crisis CLICK HERE

Each year we normally run our Intensive Breath, Bodywork & Transformation Workshop twice. These workshops continue to use the model of the “immersive” format in which our teacher and guide, Deborah Anapol, took her participants deeply into the whole journey of Pelvic Heart Integration in a single intense 4-5 day workshop. She also found, as we do, that since the workshop is so essentially about each individual’s journey through the workshop, it really is the case that no two successive experiences of the Breath, Bodywork & Transformation workshop are alike.

DATES and Price:

These details are cancelled during the Coronavirus pandemic

May 18-21: Eden Rise, Totnes, South Devon

Nov 18-22: Nab Cottage, Rydal Water, Ambleside, Lake District

 The cost for these workshops are the same:

Early Booking: £380 (Deposit £100 by the early deadline)

Early Booking deadlines are April 15 for the May 18-21 workshop at Eden Rise, and October 15 for the November 18-22 workshop at Nab Cottage. 

Cost of Late Booking £410, paid in full on booking.

A few non-Residential places are available at either workshop at £280

Our  Breath, Bodywork & Transformation workshops offer a challenging and “immersive” experience which is very full on. If we have not worked with you at this level before, we may wish to have a preliminary meeting with you, or arrange an individual session with you, before we accept you on to this intense course.


These Individual Sessions can only be offered in an Online version during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This year we have also reserved more time for offering Individual sessions which employ the PHI techniques that Deborah taught us in ways that are specifically tailored to your particular needs. These sessions may be relatively short — a single one lasting 2-3 hours, or a series of 2-3 hour sessions spread over a number of weeks,– or they may be a full day, or an even longer single intensive residential session. For these, you are invited to stay with us for two nights, starting on the first evening, then working with us intensely for a full day , and ending the next morning with a final meeting reviewing where you have arrived.

2-3 hours, £85 (first session), £65 thereafter

Full Day Intensive £195 (includes lunch)

Extended 30-hour Intensive (includes meals & 2 nights) £275

All sessions paid for in advance.

To book sessions please call 01364 73818 or email