The Celtic Gateway Workshops

My inner fire is burning strongly now, after a long, cold winter . . .  had so much fun. . . You both hold the space  so beautifully every time, and I am so glad to have found you and Celtic Tantra. . .  such an important part of my life, a heartbeat through my year. . . Thank you to you both for the courage and energy you have put into building the strength of our community ” 

I regard my time with you and your teaching as being one of the most critical things I have done. It has opened doors I did not even have much idea of the existence of. Particularly over the past year I have come to some understanding of just how profoundly ‘revolutionary’ all this is.  It is as if I am heading now into a very different world…It is to do with having shifted the point of perspective. . .  Having absorbed aspects of Celtic Tantra into my life, I am now seeing the very real consequences. . .  I sometimes wonder if you realize the very profound changes your teaching enables in your participants! ” 

O chestnut tree, great-rooted blossomer,
Are you the leaf, the blossom or the bole?
        O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,
       How can we know the dancer from the dance?
                                                                                — W.B. Yeats, Among Schoolchildren
 To live in sympathetic harmony with the rhythms of the natural world that sustains them is the common concern of all indigenous cultures. The eight Gateways in the Celtic year are  turning points at which Celtic peoples shifted the focus of their human activity in alignment with the changing seasons. In Celtic Tantra, the invitation is to explore the relationship between Inner and Outer in each Gateway.   The “Celtic”  element in our workshops lies in the way they follow the Celtic calendar,   and embrace the seasonal, social and human issues linked with each Gateway.   The “Tantric” element is equally fundamental.    Tantra invites us to explore the dance between masculine and feminine, self and other, as a dance between mirrors.  Our workshops  use Tantric structures and meditations both to awaken us to the inner world of our own energy flow, and to align us with the energy flow of the natural world that contains and surrounds us.   What we celebrate  is simply what is  — individually and collectively. The experience is both deeply personal, and  communal — and is unique to this group, at this time, in this space.

The  Gateways:

Sadly, these days we are not always able to run all eight Gateway  workshops every year.  Titles of Gateway workshops which will not run in that year are still listed so that you can read what they are about, but are accompanied by a note in red.
Workshops for which we have no confirmed location yet are listed without a location. 
 Here is the list of the eight Gateways, which we are running workshops at this year, and where.  Click on the Name of each workshop for a brief description.
 Imbolc: Opening to Otherness
Jan 25-27, 2019: Wild ways, Shropshire



Spring Equinox: Renewal
March 22-24, 2019; Nab Cottage, Rydal, Lake District




Beltane: the Goddess & the Green Man

 May 3-6, 2019; Private woodland, S Devon (incl Bank Holiday)


Brecon Beacon ountry

Summer Solstice: Standing in the Light

(Mid June)

[ot running this year



Lammas: the Hush of Summer
July 26-28, 2019  Wild Ways, nr Kidderminster, Shropshire



 dawnAutumn Equinox

(Mid September)

[Not Running this year]



No date or venue for 2019 yet, but we are very keen to return to running this workshop this year, and would welcome suggestions.



celticgateway01Winter Solstice Birth of the Magical Child
No date for 2019 confirmed yet], but hopefully at  Nab Cottage, Rydal, Lake District