Celtic Tantra & the Pandemic

— Update 20/06/2020 —

Dear friends,

We hope very much that you are safe & well, wherever you are. We ourselves have been in lock down, here in our home in Devon.   We feel incredibly lucky to be here together in this old house, with the garden all around us and Dartmoor only a short walk away.  We are also ready to begin to emerge from our isolation in conscious ways.

All live workshops were inevitably cancelled or postponed when the lock down was initiated. At this time we are still unable to run live workshops, or work with individual clients here. We have however been able to run two Zoom Celtic Gateway celebrations (one at Beltane and one for the Solstice), and have increasingly found it useful to consult by email, telephone and Zoom. We are now happy to extend this work for new clients, but are also preparing to return to face-to-face work as the government restrictions ease.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS (July 2020 onwards)

Couples work:    Given the new guidelines we feel it is now possible to offer non-residential sessions to individual couples in our Tantra space.

  We are also considering adapting how we teach the Sexual Magic for Couples workshop we have been planning for our experienced couples. that

Couples Online Consultation

We continue to offer online consultations to couples.

Celtic Gateway workshops:  

Celtic Gateways: Our next gateway workshop is Lammas.   We have contacted Wild Ways and have agreed with them that we will delay the workshop until to August 21 to 23, in order to stand a better chance of further easing of the government guidelines for August which will enable us to run this workshop at Wildways, adapted in ways that make use of the Coronavirus guidelines to enhance the experience. 

Integration workshops: We are happy to explore ways of continuing this work with individual clients who have already taken one of our Breath, Body and Integration workshops.

Individual work:    We’ll continue to offer individual consultations online, and on the phone, until things open up a bit more, but are also considering one-on-one outdoor consultations in the garden, with social distancing.

We are very happy to receive your thoughts and suggestions on how we can work with you to support your journey at this time.

Much love,

Robert & Marta