Celtic Tantra & the Pandemic


Dear friends,

We hope very much that you are still safe & well, wherever you are. We enjoyed spme aspects of lock down here in our home in Devon.   We feel incredibly lucky to be here together in this old house, with the garden all around us and Dartmoor only a short walk away.  We are ready to begin to emerge from our isolation in conscious ways, and to develop new ways of continuing to explore Celtic Tantra together. As I write this however, the dreaded “second spike” seems to be rising, so we are reviewing new ways of working following the new “rule of six” (TO BE CONTINUED…)

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From early March until July all our live workshops were cancelled or postponed by the lock down. During this time we introduced online and telephone consultations, and began to create Zoom Celtic Gateway celebrations. This July we have been preparing to include some live face-to-face work, both with individual clients and in workshops, always taking into account the importance of observing government instructions and recommendations.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS (July 2020 onwards)

A. Couples:   

  1. We continue to offer Couples’ online and telephone consultations. For people who have not yet worked with us, an online consultation will be the first first step.
  2. For couples who have already worked with us, we now offer face-to-face in our Group Room with cleaning, handwashing and social distancing. These sessions are limited to a single couple for each session, and will be suspended if there are local “spikes” in local infection.
  3. For our experienced Couples we are planning a NEW course in Sexual Magic for Couples, which we expect to launch later this year. Most of the teaching will be online, but we will hopefully be able to include at least one live session. Please let us know if you are interested.

4. We can confirm that we shall be holding our Couples’ holiday workshop for couples, Riding the Waves of Bliss. This takes place in SW Crete, September 25-October 2. It is still possible to book on this holiday workshop.

B. Celtic Gateway workshops:  

1.Our next gateway workshop is a 2-hour zoom workshop for the opening of the Lammas Gateway with a Satsang. For Lammas Satsang CLICK HERE 

2. We are holding a new a”Heart of Lammas” residential workshop (camping only) at Wild Ways in the heart of the Lammas season, August 21 to 23. For The Heart of Lammas 2020 CLICK Here.

C. Integration workshops: We are happy to explore ways of continuing this work on line with individual clients, mainly on line. We will not offer a full Breath, Bodywork and Integration group while the Coronavirus pandemic is still so active, and do not expect to do so before the spring of 2021.

General Individual work:    We shall continue and increase individual consultations online, and on the phone. As things open up a bit more, we are also considering adding one-on-one outdoor consultations in the garden, with social distancing, etc.

We are very happy to receive your thoughts and suggestions on how we can work with you to support your journey at this difficult time.

Much love,

Robert & Marta