Coming Home

RydalAn early winter workshop for mixed singles and couples
Nab Cottage, Rydal, Lake District

Early Booking: £170 / £110  (Residential/ Non-res) Deposit £50 by Nov 1, 2017.      Later Booking: £185/ £115 

 I just wanted to say a big thank you for the weekend…the circle was very well held. Both [of us] have come away feeling much more secure in our love for and commitment to one another.                                                                 Coming Home 2013

The dark is deepening, the sun is low in the sky, winter is closing in.  There is a special richness at this time.    It is the time of coming home — home to your hearth, home to yourself, home to your roots.  But with so much dark around, it can also be scary, especially when energy is low, and the world can seem very grey.
In this workshop we invite you to settle deeply into your body, to find the safety and security that comes with allowing and trusting your body as your home.   We work with breath, massage and Tantric ritual to open your body to the pleasures of wintertime and the warm and juiciness of the dark.
Residential Price: Early Booking £155 (Deposit £50);  Later Booking ) £175  Non-Residential Early Booking £95  Later Booking £110

The Residential price includes a b&b accommodation charge of £60.  There is also a small charge for non-residents if they wish to include meals.

Workshop times: Friday evening, 7.30 -10 pm; Saturday, 10 am -7 pm; Sunday, 10 am- 4 pm.


Nab Cottage is a wonderful place to come home to, set deep in the heart of the Lake District and surrounded by stunning views and beautiful waters and hills.  There are warm, comfortable bedrooms, home cooked food and a sitting room with an open fire.   So you can really enjoy the pleasures of relaxing and being in the company of fellow travellers at this time of year.