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Celtic Tantra, Meadow Cottage, Harbourneford, South Brent, Devon TQ10 9DT

The Booking Process

1. New Clients:

When welcoming in new clients it is that we have an initial conversation with you about what is drawing you to our work, and confirming what workshop would be the right first one for you. We may have this conversation in person, by phone, or by zoom. It will usually last around half-an-hour, and there is no charge for it.

2. Booking — Pricing System

What you pay for is the venue, accommodation charges, Meals (unless supplied by the group), and our fees & expenses. we are keeping the system of offering two prices — Early Booking and Later booking.  Early booking helps us to  build a list early, and to prepare  better for the Workshop.  In return, we charge you less if you book early.  Ideally, Early booking requires you to book at least 6 weeks before the Workshop starts.

3. When and How you pay

This has changed this year. We used to ask for 2 payments,the first as a deposit guaranteeing your place, and the second on arrival. The advantage was that such a system spread your costs. The disadvantage was that it was difficult to collect the final amount amid the bustle of arrival or departure. These days most people payments via Bank transfer, at the time of booking — which is certainly easiest for us. But if you would prefer to spread the costs please ask.

Special Rules for the PANDEMIC

During the Pandemic…   To protect all those who come to our workshops from contracting or passing on Covid, we ask you not to come unless you are fully vaccinated, and to take a test and tested negative as close to the the workshop as possible.  

During the Pandemic… If you have to withdraw because of infection from Covid, we offer you a free place when it becomes possible for you to retake the workshop you missed, or to a similar workshop

Refunds & cancellations


REFUNDS: We only pay out refunds when we have to cancel a workshop (for example, when Covid regulations made it impossible to hold a group during lockdown). In such cases, we will refund in full at that time what you have already paid us.

CANCELLATIONS:  From the moment we accept your booking we commit ourselves to holding a place for you in the the workshop you have booked. As with a Theatre from whom you have purchased ticket, we have fulfilled our part of the bargain. There are therefore no grounds for our granting a refund. What we can reasonably do, is to reimburse you if another client purchases the place we were holding for you, and this we will do. We also have great sympathy for clients who have to cancel due to circumstances beyond their control (such as illness, injury, and family crises. In such case, we will consider e offering to hold what you paid us but put it forward to whatever other suitable Celtictantra workshop is available. This offer is made ex gratia, and usually remains open only for a would like to sign up to within the next year.