Couples’ Programme

touch.1“It was like a coming home for me, deeply rooting me in where I want to be with [my partner and lover], instead of being trapped in business partner, worrier, mother and in responsible mode.  All of that is the glue that holds us together and now the wildness and the tenderness are much closer to the surface.  Friends are commenting on that mischief look in my eyes which hasn’t been there for a very long time and my whole body feels softer, yielding and yearning.  I feel I can write this now after a week of integrating which was blissful and painful, just like life….  Soooo thank you both for supporting and holding us in such a sacred space.”
Couples workshops are for  partners who seek to realize the full fire of their erotic potential together.  The emphasis is on how to bring the Tantric quality of celebration into daily life together, and how to learn to meet your partner at every level — sex, heart and spirit — honouring in each other a unique incarnation of Shakti and Shiva, the Goddess and the Green Man.  Our main Couples’ programme consists at present of a number of weekends, a Couples’ Training  called Sex, Heart & Spirit, and week long holiday workshop in one of the more remote areas in Crete.
Traditionally, (i.e. for at least 2,000 years or so!) Tantra was taught in small, intimate groups. We follow this tradition. Our current Couples’ workshops at our home in Devon are for a maximum of 5 couples.
As well as working with small groups, we offer individual and couple counselling sessions, including  Pelvic Heart work when appropriate.  When we  work individually  with a couple, we usually take on couples that have already had at least one workshop with us, but we will on occasion break this general rule if it seems best to do so.  Our work is  gentle, but at times quite intense, and we encourage an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, sensitivity and mutual respect.

The Workshops:

To our bodies turn we then, that so
Weak men on Love revealed may look:
Love's mysteries in Souls do grow,
 -- But yet the Body is his Book.
                   -- John Donne
For more information (including prices), click the title for each workshop below:
Tantric Touch  
An ideal first weekend, offering a deliciously experiential introduction to practical ways of bringing tantra into your life, as well as including glimpses into of some of the essential fundamentals of Tantra. The work focuses strongly on the discoveries you make together.  Touch is a very direct way of meeting your partner freshly, in the body. Throughout the weekend, you work exclusively with your partner for any intimate work. Though this workshop is designed to be suitable for couples who are new to Tantra, many of our clients find it is worth revisiting again, further along in their tantric journey together.  The workshop includes structures for you to take home and explore further after the weekend is over.

NEXT WORKSHOP:  October 11-13, 2018  (S Brent, Devon)


Opening the Heart  <<New Workshop  

Tantra teaches that the way of the heart is not separate from the path of physical pleasure, and being free and alive in our bodies opens us to the possibility of being soft and open in our hearts.  Another powerful workshop for stepping into Tantra together as a couple.

NEXT WORKSHOP: April 19-21  (South Brent, Devon)

Devotion: A Valentine Celebration    
 Not a workshop for total beginners, but for Couples who have taken at least a couple of our Couples’ weekends, or preferably  our  Sex, Heart & Spirit training.  We will also be happy to accept Couples who have a similar level of experience of working with a committed partner with another teacher.   Do give us call if you haven’t worked with us, so we can talk through  whether this workshop is right for you.
The invitation is to Join us in our Devon home for a weekend celebrating the sacred dance between the lover and the beloved.
NEXT WORKSHOP:  Not running in 2019


The Erotic Massage for Couples Workshops:

These workshops are for couples who already have some understanding of the fundamental principles of tantra, and the application of these principles in intimate bodywork with your partner.  Among our own workshops, we recommend that you have first taken either our Tantric Touch or Opening the Heart   Couples’ workshops, or that you have gained similar experience by working with us in our other workshops.

Taoist erotic massage

A deeply meditative massage based on the Taoist system of energy circulation and containment. This massage works with very light touch to create a subtle flow of sexual energy throughout the whole body.  The couple works on its own “nest,” and all intimate touch is between partners.   See also Taoist and Esalen massages compared.
NEXT WORKSHOP:  May17-19, 2019      (South Brent, Devon)
Esalen erotic massage
A luscious erotic experience, in the Esalen tradition of full body massage developed by Ray Stubbs. This massage works with raising and expanding sexual excitement. opening the whole energy-body to experiencing orgasmic pleasure as a state of expanded aliveness.   The couple works on its own “nest,” and all intimate touch is between partners.
 See also Taoist and Esalen massages compared.
NEXT WORKSHOP:   July 12-14, 2019 (South Brent, Devon) 
The 5-weekend Training: 
Sex, Heart and Spirit Couples’ Training
An ongoing workshop for those who want to deepen the richness and delight of their relationship at all three levels — Sex, Heart and Spirit.  The Training consists  of five weekends spread over around 8 months, with plenty of time to practice together between each workshop.  For 2019 the workshops will take place at our home in Devon, and will be limited to a maximum of FIVE couples.
Couples wishing to take on this Training must commit to the course as a whole on signing up, though we understand that you may wish to pay for it in instalments, rather than as a lump .  Should circumstances arise which make it impossible for you and your partner to come to one of the course units, we will offer a catch-up session  to cover that one weekend, at no additional charge for tuition, provided we can find a date that you can manage.

The next Couples’ Training course will start in the Autumn of 2019,  No set dates  yet, but we are starting to gather a list of possible couples, and looking for dates that might work for them.  So if you are interested in taking such an ongoing training with us, please help us, and let us help you, by letting us know.  The crucial thing is to gather a group that can all go through the course together.

The Couples’ Holiday Workshop:
Riding the Waves of Bliss, a Couples’ Holiday workshop,  Azogires, Paleochora, Southwest Crete
DATES for 2019            Friday September 27 – Friday October 4, 2019 
This holiday is designed particularly  for couples who have taken our Sex, Heart & Spirit  course, but it is also open to other couples with a similar level of experience.