Couples’ Programme

touch.1“It was like a coming home for me, deeply rooting me in where I want to be with [my partner and lover], instead of being trapped in business partner, worrier, mother and in responsible mode.  All of that is the glue that holds us together and now the wildness and the tenderness are much closer to the surface.  Friends are commenting on that mischief look in my eyes which hasn’t been there for a very long time and my whole body feels softer, yielding and yearning.  I feel I can write this now after a week of integrating which was blissful and painful, just like life….  Soooo thank you both for supporting and holding us in such a sacred space.”

Couples workshops are for  partners who seek to realize the full fire of their erotic potential together.  The emphasis is on how to bring the Tantric quality of celebration into daily life, and how to learn to meet your partner at every level — sex, heart and spirit.


Couples work during the Corvid-19 pandemic and beyond

  1. We suspended all face-to-face couples’ work during the Pandemic, but developed strong 2-3 hour on line Zoom sessions (price normally £85 for a first session, followed by £65 thereafter).  These sessions are tailored to fit your particular needs at the present time, and will include practical exercises for you to practice together between sessions.  Do contact us if you think this work might be for you.

2. We are now looking forward to taking on new couples too.  When exploring working with couples we have not worked with before, we like to have a short first meeting to get to know what has brought them to our door, and consider how we might work with you.  There is currently no charge for this meeting.  Do contact us if you think this work might be for you.

3. We will be returning to running  our traditional first face-to-face  introductory weekend as soon as   conditions allow.  This workshop is called “Tantric Touch.” We hoping to offer two of these weekends later in 2022.  One will be in the North of England, the other down South.  See our CALENDAR. 

4.  We hope to follow these On Line   and the new Tantric Touch weekends with a new training for couples who feel ready  to bring Tantra more deeply into their lives.  This is the “Sex, Heart, and Spirit”programme which we have run successfully for close on 20 years. It was the kind of workshop which first brought us into Tantra.  Do contact us if this interests you.

5.  We will also be running our SW Crete holiday workshop for couples again this September.  It is now possible to book a space on this workshop.  Details are on the CALENDAR.

Please email or phone 01364 73818 with any questions.