Harmonizing the Masculine and the Feminine Within

(An Introduction to Pelvic Heart Integration)
 This is an intense 4-day workshop hosted by the Tu i Teraz centre in Poland, which hosted the 2017 Tantra Festival at which we ran a three hour introduction to Pelvic Heart work. It costs around £240, including tuition, accommodation and all meals. (Price is subject to variation depending on exchange rates, so the ££ cist may vary slightly). We will be teaching in English, with an English-Polish translator.

This workshop is designed to be suitable for those who have no previous experience of PHI, or have attended only a brief introduction at the Tui I Teraz Tantra Festival.    It will cover in depth the material described in Activations 1 & 2 of the programme for teaching PHI developed by Deborah Anapol, and may also include some material covered in Activation 3. It is complete in itself, but also offers a firm foundation for going on to our Breath, Bodywork and Transformation workshop later.

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