Integration Workshops & Sessions, 2020-21


Currently all Integration residential workshops are suspended due to the regulations in place to protect us from Covid-19. We hope to begin to return to offering Individual Sessions as soon as Covid restrictions make this possible (currently probably by the end of June 2021) If all goes well and we have sufficient interest and a space to work in, we hope to offer a new we shall also adnworkshops again as soon as possible in 2021.

We need to learn more about what people who have worked with us, or people who have hear from others about this work, are now looking for. Please get in touch with us to let us know if you are interested.

Our Intensive Residential Workshops are an intense and highly condensed version of the Pelvic Heart Integration workshops passed down to us by Deborah Anapol. Breath, Bodywork and Transformation offers a challenging and “immersive” experience which is very full on. Admission to these workshops is therefore restricted to those who we feel are ready for working in this way at this level.

Last year we ran two Breath, Bodywork and Transformation 4-5-day workshops — one in May at Eden Rise near Totnes, and the other in November at Nab Cottage, Rydal Water, nr Ambleside in the Lake District.

For more on Deborah Anapol and PHI see Deborah Anapol & the Integration Workshops and Painter, Anapol and PHI


We offer Individual sessions which use the PHI techniques that Deborah taught us in ways that are specifically tailored to your particular needs. These may be on the Internet, or in our Studio in South Devon. Sessions in our studio include sanitizing,hand washing facilities, and social distancing, etc., in accordance with current advice and regulations.

Sessions may be a single one lasting perhaps 2-3 hours, or a series of 2-3 hour sessions spread over a number of weeks, or a single intensive residential. During the pandemic we cannot offer our usual longer intensive residential sessions, but we will bring these back when the crisis is over. For these longer very intense sessions you may stay with us in our country cottage for as much as two nights, starting on the first evening, working with us intensely for a full day including a lot of physical bodywork of various kinds, and a final meeting the next morning reviewing where you have arrived.


RESIDENTIAL WORKSHOPS Breath, Bodywork & Transformation

(Not available during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Early Booking £390 (at least 6 weeks before a 4-5 day workshop)

Later Booking £430

A few non-Residential places are available at £280


2-3 hours, £85 (first session), £65 thereafter.

Full Day Intensive £195 (Bring your own food during the Covid-19 pandemic)

Extended 30-hour Intensive (includes meals & 2 nights) £275 (Not available during the Pandemic).

All sessions paid for in advance. Please call 01364 73818 or