Lammas: The Hush of Summer

Ras“Thanks once again for a magical weekend in the woods.  It’s lovely to feel a sense of belonging in the Celtic Tantra community – the gatherings feel like a strong, steady heartbeat running through my year …hard to imagine what life was like before I came”
In view of the current situation, the usual Lammas Gateway weekend at Wildways has been replaced by an ONLINE  Lammas Satsang  on the first day of Lammas, Saturday August 1, 4.00PM to 6.00PM  CLICK HERE for details.
We are also proposing an outdoor “Heart of Lammas” workshop to take place at Wildways later in August, on  the weekend August 21-23, which will explore the themes of Lammas in  in the light of our experience of living through this time of  the Coronavirus pandemic.  CLICK HERE for details.

About the Lammas themes:

 Lammas is a time when we can allow the boundaries between self and other, and self and nature, to soften and dissolve in the pause before the main harvest.  A chance to give thanks for your life, and expand into the lushness of summer.  The body relaxes, the spirit soars.  The invitation is to merge.  To open your whole being to what is around you, allow your skin to breathe, your heart to soften, and your sex to rejoice in the juiciness of nature.  More About Lammas HERE