More about Beltane

“A  truly lovely, magical Beltane.  Thank you so much for holding such a safe and sacred space so respectfully and gently for all of us…the Goddess has been with me ever since.”

The woods are carpeted with bluebells. Sexual, generative energy is in full flow. At Beltane, Hazel Hill embodies the energies of the Goddess and the GreenMan. Set deep in the heart of the wood, this 3-day group is about our own May day awakening. This workshop offers a unique chance to bathe in the energy of the dance between masculine and the feminine which is in full flow in the natural world around us at this time, and  to use this experience to empower and harmonize the masculine and feminine within us.

We explore the different faces of the Goddess and the Green Man through meditation, embodiment, Tantric ritual, dance, play and celebration. A bluebell wood wood offers a vital source of inspiration and guidance. As we connect with the Goddess and Green Man within and without, we are invited to tap into and celebrate the abundance of aliveness. .

2017 Dates:  Apr 28-May 1 (including Bank holiday)

 (Location and cost under review.  See note)