More on the Autumn Equinox: Completion

         “The next revolution is Composting”dawn

      ––Martin Prechtel


The Traveller stands at the mouth of the cave, now facing towards the dark, but celebrating the moment of perfect balance between light and dark at the end of the harvest.
At the Autumn Equinox we stand again at the place of balance.  Behind, the sun setting on the stubble.  Before, the dark rises. The work is done, the outer journeying over.  This is the moment of Completion —  “All is safely gathered in” as the hymn has it. Gathered in — and then given back.   Soon the composting process will begin.
For the rest of the year the traveler is immersed in either one or other of the two worlds:- the extrovert world of Manifestation and form-building, or the introvert world of Dreaming,  where forms  “dissolve, diffuse and dissipate” to be rendered into compost.  But at the Equinoxes themselves, there is a pause, a moment of balance, when we see both ways, and may capture  in the same moment both the yin and the yang of the whole in finely balanced proportion.  It is a moment of exquisite poise.

There will not be an Autumn Equinox weekend this year