Opening the Heart (Couples only)

couples04We all long for love and connection with and from our partners, but often, because of past hurts and disappointments, our hearts are afraid to speak their truths, even to the person who is closest to us.
Tantra teaches that the way of the heart is not separate from the path of physical pleasure, and being free and alive in our bodies opens us to the possibility of being soft and open in our hearts.
In this workshop we invite you to step beyond your limitations, to allow your heart to find its natural openness and trust, not only to your partner, but to yourself and to the world around you.  We will be inviting you to embody your heart, creating a flow between sex and heart in yourself and with your partner.   We will be inviting your hearts to open gently to each other, embraced and held in this flow.
Our tools for this workshop are bodywork, massage, movement, Tantric breath work, Tantric ritual and guided meditation.

Like Tantric Touch, This workshop introduces fundamental principles underlying  Tantric Couples’ work.   If you are interested in our 5-weekend Couples’ Training, Sex, Heart & Spirit, you should if possible attend this weekend first — if not, we strongly recommend that you attend this weekend during the Training itself.

NEXT WORKSHOP:   April 19-21, 2019, South Brent, Devon 

 Early Booking:  £295 per couple (residential), £225 (non-residential, includes meals)
  Late Booking:  £345 per couple (residential), £275 (non-residential)
To qualify for Early Booking, £100 deposit is required by March 11th, 2019.