Pelvic Heart Integration: Workshops & Individual Sessions

Jack Painter“Deep integration, profound core healing of what comes to the surface of being in relationship, about love, staying in your own truth, [and] meeting the partner again in the healing space..”    — PHI couples’ lab, Meadow Cottage, 2016
Pelvic Heart Integration was the name  Jack Painter gave to a core section in his now famous system of bodywork, Postural Integration. In  later years Painter separated out this most intimate and therapeutically radical element in his work, and continued to develop it as stand-alone healing process.  Deborah Taj Anapol was a key colleague of Painter’s at this time —  a clinical psychologist, therapist, and tantra teacher, whose whole life and work celebrated human sexuality as a path to greater wholeness.  Deborah worked with Jack Painter for over 10 years, and continued to teach Pelvic Heart Integration until her death in August 2015. It was our privilege to have Deborah as our teacher and dear friend for her last four years, and it was her wish that we should take up teaching and sharing this powerful tool for personal transformation.Deb1
Pelvic Heart work offers a unique combination of tools to support those who wish to move beyond their conditioning into greater authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship. It opens the whole body to greater sexual flow, releasing energetic blockages, and connecting heart, the seat of our deepest longings, with pelvis, the energetic centre of our sexual drive and lust for life. As taught by Dedborah Anapol, it also offers a unique way to access strength and support from the ancestral line, allowing access to  full aliveness, unencumbered by the wounds of the past. That  is why we include what Painter and Anapol pioneered by including Pelvic Heart work in our Celtic Tantra programme.
Our workshops are based on the PHI Activations‘ programme which Deborah Anapol evolved from her time with  Jack Painter.  We draw on this material both in our 5-day Intensive, Breath, Bodywork and Transformation, and in the Individual Sessions that Deborah taught us to set up.  These sessions we run from our  our own home in South Devon.
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