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Deborah Anapol & Pelvic Heart Integration

“Deep integration, profound core healing of what comes to the surface of being in relationship, about love, staying in your own truth, [and] meeting the partner again in the healing space..”    — PHI Couples’ lab, Eden Rise, 2016.Deb1

Deborah Taj Anapol was a first class  clinical psychologist, therapist, and tantra teacher, whose whole life and work celebrated human sexuality as a path to greater wholeness.  She was the passionately committed author of  Love without Limits, and a close colleague of Jack Painter,  whose most  famous work  was the creation of the body-based psychotherapeutic techniques  of Postural Integration, but who also developed, as an offshoot of that work Pelvic Heart Integration, which he never published, but for which he gave sessions with Deborah Anapol for at least 10 years.

We first met Deborah at a Festival in Osho Leela in 2012, a few years after Painter’s death, when she was looking for potential students and practitioners of this process to carry on her work in PHI. It was our privilege that Deborah became  our teacher and dear friend for the next four years, until her death.  In those four years we became first her students, then her assistants and apprentices, and then members of her first practioner training course. It was her explicit wish that we should continue to teach her work together, and share with others this powerful tool for personal transformation.

   Pelvic Heart work offers a unique combination of tools to support those who wish to move beyond their conditioning into greater authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship. This work opens the whole body to greater sexual flow, releases energetic blockages, and connects heart, the seat of our deepest longings, with pelvis, the energetic centre of our sexual drive and lust for life. As taught by Deborah Anapol, the work also offers a unique way to free  blocks inherited from the ancestral line, and to allow us to  contact strength and support from that line, unencumbered by the wounds of the past.
This work  connects very closely with our other work in Celtic Tantra.  For only when heart and pelvis allow us to live in harmony with ourselves can we step outside ourselves to celebrate the dance between self and other which is explored in our other Celtic Tantra workshops, whether in pursuit of the Celtic quest to celebrate the dance between man and nature, or in pursuit of  the Tantric quest, to celebrate the dance between self and other as male and female, form and energy).
  Currently, we offer two 5-day workshops  a year, based on what Deborah taught us.  These are our  Breath, Bodywork and Transformation workshops.  These take place in Nab Cottage in the Lake District, and Eden Rise in South Devon.  And we also offer, as Deborah requested,  a variety of  Individual Sessions,  tailored to our clients’ particular needs (including sessions for couples).  These sessions normally take lace in our own home in South Devon.
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