Pelvic Heart for Couples

The family

What we needed, what we wanted, helpful in going forward, looking back and just being… ”
“Deep integration, profound core healing of what comes on the surface of being in the relationship, about love, staying by your own truth, meeting the partner again, in the healing space.” 
“Thank you, bless you all, you are my dear friends and my family, love you all! Met you here, where the love is, the pain and beauty celebrating messy magic of being a human.”
Pelvic Heart Integration is all about creating harmony in place of conflict in the Inner Marriage between the inner masculine and feminine, and in the relationship between sex and heart within each individual,  whether he or she is also in a relationship with an other or others or not.  Yet the triumphs and frustrations we experience in our relations with others so often mirror or are shaped by  unresolved energetic issues within each partner’s individual psyche, or energy-structure.  So often we are drawn to a partner as someone with whom we feel we can step beyond current limitations.  So often we get snagged up by old unconscious patterns that restrict us from breaking out of condition and finding the place where our dance of relationship is a dance into the light.   Individual Pelvic Heart work Integration sessions for couples allow partners to witnessi each other as old patterns are released, and the couple’s  relationship is freed from the shadows of the past.

The comments above were sent by participants in our very first Pelvic Heart workshop designed exclusively for couples, which took place at Eden Rise in 2016.

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Further PHI for Couples workshops will be available in 2017.