Sacred Earth Woman

Women’s Workshops

SacEarthpic   Sacred Earth Woman 

Please note: no dates have yet been set for the 2019 Women’s workshops which  we certainly expect to arrange when Marion returns from India, and which usually include ovarian breathing and the sacred Jade Egg ritual.

Last workshop: 26 – 28 October 2018: Sacred Earth Woman     

Near South Brent, Devon

Led by Marian Rose, hosted by Marta

This weekend for women is about getting deep down and earthy, celebrating and getting intimate with our own unique feminine form.  It’s about regaining trust in our capacity to heal ourselves and experience pleasure in our own body temples.
Now is the time to liberate the powerful feminine Earth energy within that has been so suppressed and caused so much heaviness and dysfunction in our pelvic palaces.
We’ll cultivate sensitivity to our energy bodies with Qi Gong on woodland earth. We’ll enjoy self- nurturing, self-empowering meditations, emotional freedom healing sounds, qi self massage,
ovarian breathing and a sacred Jade Egg ritual.
No experience necessary.  All women welcome.

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