Samhain: Going Underground


“I love what you do, how you do it and what invariably happens as a result…   I look at my life changes these last eight years or so of working with you and stand amazed and grateful…. and how wonderful that I have the opportunity to be grateful and tell you so !!”


“Thank you for an amazing Samhain experience. So much letting go I am still assimilating. Not yet understanding. But open to the joys of love and connecting and my heart open to this amazing existence we have, this amazing journey we share.” 


No date or venue set for 2019 yet.  Suggestions welcome  

<<See Robert’s Blog on the Samhain themes  and the structures used in this workshop>>

At Samhain (Halloween), on the cusp between October and November,  the darkness has really begun to deepen.    The time is  ripe to shed old patterns and long-held forms and surrender to the dark and all it contains.  Traditionally this is also the time to connect with your ancestors as guides for your inner journey, and to ignite your inner fires as you move deeper into the dream time.
For many years we explored these themes in a ground-breaking weekend workshop at Hazel Hill.  We are now looking for a suitable new venue for this important workshop, and suggestions are welcome.
    << A few extra thoughts on Samhain’s place in  the Celtic year >>