Sex, Heart & Spirit (2018)


And now good morrow to our waking Souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For Love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere
                           —    John Donne,   The Good Morrow

What do you most long for in relationship?
Is it deep physical intimacy, beautiful love-making?
Is it open-heartedness, compassion and understanding?
Is it a meeting as pure energy-beings, transcending time and space?

On this course we explore the possibility of meeting on all these levels –sex, heart and spirit.

 The Training consists  of five weekends spread over around 8 months, with plenty of time to practice together between each workshop.  For 2018 the workshops will take place at our home in Devon, and will be limited to a maximum of FIVE couples.  The dates for the 2018 course are:

SHS 1, Jan 12-14       SHS 2, March 2-4,        SHS 3, June 1-3

SHS 4, July 20-22                   SHS 5, Sept 13-16 (3 days)

Couples wishing to take on this Training must commit to the course as a whole on signing up, though we understand that you may wish to pay for it in instalments, rather than as a lump .  Should circumstances arise which make it impossible for you and your partner to come to one of the course units, we will offer a catch-up session  to cover that one weekend, at no additional charge for tuition, provided we can find a date that you can manage.

Cost, including tuition and accommodation:


     Early Booking (Deposit by December 1, 2017):
     £1,150 or Deposit £200 followed by 4 payments of £240  (total £1,160)

     Later Booking (Deposit after  December 1st, 2017):
     £1,300  or Deposit £500 followed by 4 payments of £200 (total £1,300)

     For a non-residential place, subtract £300.

All deposits must be paid before the course starts, and are non-refundable, but the remaining payments may be spread over the whole course.