Sex, Heart & Spirit (2019)


And now good morrow to our waking Souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For Love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere
                           —    John Donne,   The Good Morrow

What do you most long for in relationship?
Is it deep physical intimacy, beautiful love-making?
Is it open-heartedness, compassion and understanding?
Is it a meeting as pure energy-beings, transcending time and space?

On this course we explore the possibility of meeting on all these levels –sex, heart and spirit.

 The Training consists  of five weekends spread over around 8 months, with plenty of time to practice together between each workshop.  For 2018 the workshops will take place at our home in Devon, and will be limited to a maximum of FIVE couples.  As the Current 2018 course is now full, we have decided to launch a second course in October, which will run until March, 2019.

Requirements: Unless we have worked with you already, we will need to meet you as a couple before accepting you on the Training.  Usually, we will also require that you have taken at least one of our weekend courses for Couples before signing you up to Sex, Heart & Spirit.


In 2018 we ran two Sex, Heart and Spirit courses, the second of which completes in the spring of 2019.  We are currently planning to start the next course in the autumn of 2019, probably running into early 2020.   There is a limit of 5 couples on each course, so it is important to book early.  Do let us know early if you are considering this course, as it is helpful in gathering the group together, and ensuring that you are well prepared.

Couples wishing to take on this Training must commit to the whole course on signing up.   We understand that you may wish to pay for the course in instalments, rather than as a lump sum.   But please understand that this is a “closed” course, and once the course has started you are committed to  attend every session from the outset.  This is a commitment you make to your partner, to your relationship and to yourself, and it is important that you make sure that you do not allow anything to get in the way of this commitment.

Should emergency circumstances arise during the course which make it impossible for you and your partner to come to one of the course units, we will offer a catch-up session to cover that one weekend provided we can find a date before the next session that we can fit you in. There will be a small additional cost for the catch-up session.

Cost for 2019-2020 including tuition and accommodation:


     Early Booking (Deposit three months in advance):
     £1,350 or Deposit £350 followed by 4 payments of £250  (total £1,350)

     Later Booking:
     £1,500  or Deposit £500 followed by 4 payments of £250 (total £1,500)

     For a non-residential place, subtract £250 from the total price

To meet the Early Booking qualification, deposits must be paid in full three months before the course starts, and are non-refundable.  Remaining payments may be spread to suit your circumstances, but once the course has started, you are committed to paying for the whole course, even if you withdraw before the course ends.