Sex Magic for Couples

As a Tantric Couple, we learn ways of nourishing and celebrating the energetic dance between us, and this dance in turn nourishes us.  

Sex magic is the practice of raising and channelling sexual energy with a focus on intention in our relationships, in our work, and in the world around us.

This practice is particularly powerful when shared with a lover.  Together you sow the seeds of your desires, together you focus your awareness on those seeds, together you raise the sexual fire which propels your desires into the world of manifestation. 

This workshop is an advanced course open only to couples who have taken our Sex Heart and Spirit, and continued to practice Tantra together in their relationship. Though the primary focus will be on the circulation of energy within the couple, we shall also be working with the energy of the whole group, and in smaller groups, and in same sex circles.

Sex Magic takes place at a beautiful private venue in Suffolk, close to the sea, and surrounded by the powerful landscape of that part of the country.    

With Early Booking , the workshop costs £365 per couple (Deposit £150 by March 15) . Late Booking costs £395, paid in full at the time of booking. As with most of our Couples groups, each couple will contribute to bringing food to share.

The size of the Group is strictly limited to 6 couples

Early Booking: £365 per couple (Deposit £150 by March 15)

Late Booking: £385 (Paid in full on booking)

Bring food to share.