Spring Equinox: Renewal


 “The sweetness and settled depth of the weekend continues in me.”

 “I loved the Spring Equinox.  No matter what has been coming towards me in the last week, I have managed to lovingly remain in my centre. It feels really good!”

At the Spring Equinox we stand poised in the gateway between the dark and the light, and begin to open to the coming spring.  A time to recognize what you bring out of the dark of winter, what to keep, what to transform, and what to let go.

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2019 Dates: Mar 22-24.  Nab Cottage, Rydal Water, Lake District,  7pm Friday – 4pm Sunday

Residential Price: Early Booking £175 (Deposit £75 by Feb 14)

                                Later Booking (after Feb 14): £195

Non-Residential Early Booking £105 (by Feb 14) 

                         Later Booking (after Feb 14) £120