Spring Equinox: Renewal   

Updated Apr '14

                                 Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury, March 18-20, 2016

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 The Traveller now stands at the mouth of the cave, on the threshold between dark and light, looking towards the light.

     At the Spring Equinox we stand at a place of balance, with the dark of winter behind us and the light of spring before us.  Behind us is all we have gathered, learned, explored during the dark winter dreamtime.  Whatever we have encountered in the darkness may still be formless, unconscious, still to be named and given substance.   As we step into the light part of the year there is opportunity to give the darkness shape, to own what we have found there.  Some of what has arisen during the winter months appears in the form of old patterns and old wounds.  We have an opportunity at this point of the year to heal these old patterns, to bring out of the dark what needs to be transformed.
    We have been re-thinking how to explore the Spring Equinox, especially after such a long cold winter.  This year we will be working with ways to go deeper into our inner darkness and emerge strengthened, into the outer light.   We will work with relaxing and healing the physical body through deep intimate massage.   We will confront our winter demons and release the energy stored in those contracted forms.  And we will explore how we can support each other as a Tantric community as we step into the light time of the year.

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This is a "Second Circle" workshop.  Though we have now abandoned formal pre-requisiteare ready for thems for joining these workshops,  second circle workshops assume some experience of how we work and what it's all about.  If you are interested in being part of the second circle workshops, please get in touch with us.  We will let you know whether we feel you are ready, or if we think it would be better for you to travel further round the wheel of the seasons first. 

Start: 7:00 Friday.  End: Sunday 4:00pm.  Come early if possible as it will be getting dark by 6:30!

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