Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes: Gateway Workshops 2017


Trust knows no address. It is not addressed. Trust is an inner quality. If it is there, it is there. It is like you bring a light, you bring a lamp into the room. Now the light will not fall only on the table, it will fall on the chair too. And it will not fall only on the chair, it will fall on the walls too, and on the paintings hanging on the walls. It will not fall only on the walls, it will fall on the floor and on the roof too. When you bring light into the room, light simply falls on everything that is there. So is trust. It is a light. If trust is kindled in your heart, then it makes no difference… You trust nature, you trust death, you trust insecurity. In short, you simply trust.                                                                                     –Osho,I say unto You, Vol 2, talk #9





Hazel Hill Wood has been a wonderful, inspiring home for our work for over 15 years, and we have loved working there.  But recent changes in how the Wood is run, including the new charity status, have meant that our work with the open expression of sexuality has become increasingly at odds with the rest of their programme.  Last summer the Trust invited us to remain in the Wood as a “Client Partner,” but at the beginning of December they decided  to add the conditions that we should advertise our programme on their website as Client Partners, but without any references to the sexual content and Tantric philosophy which our teaching includes, and to hide our name, Celtic Tantra,  and publishing only our personal first names and home telephone number to guide people to our workshops.  Sadly, we concluded, at vert short notice, that to work under these conditions would compromise all that Celtic Tantra stands for, and make us complicit in an act of deception designed to conceal the nature of our work both from  our own potential clients coming to us via the website and from the very Charity Commission by whose rules the Hazel Hill Trust is now bound.

It is therefore with a deep sense of shock, but also with much love and  gratitude for all that the love, inspiration and freedom that Wood has given us to develop our work, that we now take our leave.  Behind us, we hope, we leave imprinted in the Wood itself,  on its rides, in its pond and waterways, and in its sacred circles, the love and the listening we have given to what the winds whisper, the trees embody,  and the creatures of the wood enjoy, in this magical place.  May this place be blessed..

Our final workshop will be Imbolc.   We felt this was a very fitting last workshop, as Imbolc is about new beginnings, and carrying the spark of inspiration from the winter dreamtime into the spring.   It is also about opening to whatever comes, in innocence and trust.   Our intention is certainly to continue our work in some form, and in some other location, or locations, and to carry the spark from Hazel Hill onwards!

For this Imbolc celebration, as a thank you for the years we have worked there, Hazel Hill has made a generous offer of a three-day booking for the price of our normal two-day workshop.  That means that we can offer you a three-day experience for the listed price of £175 (£185 late booking).   Our Imbolc 2017 workshop will run from Thursday evening January 26 to Sunday afternoon January 29.

We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us for this final celebration at Hazel Hill Wood.   As this is a Winter workshop we’ll be a bit limited for sleeping spaces, so we do recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment.   Do remember that the only way to reserve a place is by sending a £50 deposit, or by paying in full.   We can’t hold any places without deposits.  We’ve extended the early booking deadline to deposits received by January 6.

For the rest of the year our work, and where we place it, will be a state of transition.  The road is all before us, where to rest,   be seeking  new homes elsewhere.  We would welcome any suggestions from anyone who would like to help i

and are open to anyone who wants to help us set up in new locations.   Please contact us if you have any ideas!

With best wishes for 2017!


Robert & Marta