Surrendering to Womb Wisdom

November 8 to 10, 2019

Led by Marian Rose of Tao Treasures and hosted by Marta

This season of Autumn invites us as women to release the non-serving, to surrender those physical & emotional tendencies that railroad our natural sensual magnificence and prevent us listening to our own sacred voice.  As we align with nature and embrace the courage to let go, the preciousness of our own true nature will start to reveal itself.

This weekend retreat will help us get grounded and still so that we can connect more intimately with our bodies and emotions.  Many non-serving patterns are held in our pelvis, especially our wombs, vaginas and ovaries.  Focusing on our pelvises, and listening deeply to what lies there, allows us to begin to shed these patterns, as easily and naturally as the trees shed their leaves.   An opportunity to create space for ‘over-wintering’ incubation of our new ways of being.

Marian will be leading Qi Gung exercises and related Taoist exercises to open the whole body to the energy of the season.   On the Sunday she will hold a Jade Egg circle, using the power and focus of the Jade Egg, to help focus and listen especially to our wombs.  It can be quite extraordinary the messages we receive when we set our intentions to commune wholeheartedly with this sacred part of ourselves.  The Jade Egg, as a powerful balancing healing crystal, can be programmed to absorb deeply engrained emotional patterning held in the cellular memory of our yonis.

We will be working in Marta’s warm studio space and in a beautiful nearby woodland.   Lunch is provided both days.

 Place: near South Brent, Devon

This workshop is non-residential.  


Early Booking:  £145 if paid in full by Friday 13th September.

Later Booking:  £165

The cost includes seasonally suitable vegetarian home cooked lunches.

Workshop times:

Friday evening: 7-9.30 pm

Sat: 9.30 – 6pm

Sun 9.30 – 4pm

To book your place: contact Marta on

A fuller outline of the course can be found on Marian’s website

What women have experienced on Marion’s workshops:

“Thanks you so much for the amazing workshop  – everything was divinely perfect…… I have been in such a Yang pushing energy and really not aware of it. As I entered the workshop space you had so beautifully prepared yesterday I nearly cried as I felt my whole body melted… I found the meditations deeply profound and I really reconnected with my body. Really loved the way you combined Qi Gong with natural flowing movement, meridian stretches and your own experience and knowledge. I feel so Yin and receptive!“

–Sonia, London

“Marian creates a precious space of acceptance and calm. The practices she teaches are from ancient lineages, and she offers theses with lightness, flexibility and enormous warmth. I arrived with a small health issue and I felt able to surrender and trust that I could do as much or as little as was right for my body. I highly recommend Marian as a teacher”

Nicola, Glastonbury

“Thanks for a truly amazing weekend.  I really feel that a light has come on inside, for the first time in my life i am really beginning to honour and love my body – really honour it. I feel like my sensuality and sexuality are waking up again and I am beginning to feel whole….big shifts are going on – quite a remarkable feeling. It feels a very private journey about me – something I have not shared yet with my partner. The Jade Egg is quite incredible…“

— Clare, London

We will be working in Marta’s warm studio space and in a beautiful nearby woodland.

Please note:  This workshop is non-residential.  


Cost:  £166 (£144 early bird, if paid in full by Friday 13th September).


Workshop times:

Friday evening: 7-9.30 pm

Sat: 9.30 – 6pm

Sun 9.30 – 4pm


For more information on practises / retreat content and / or questions as to whether the weekend is suitable for you, contact Marian on or 07583 332555.