Tantric Touch

 S.Brent, Devon (5 couples only)

16-18 October 2020

“A huge thank you both for your wonderful hospitality on the weekends my partner & I spent with you and especially for the couples Tantra, it felt like a real gift and I came away from it feeling incredibly nourished by the experience.   You both create (& the cottage of course) such a wonderfully nurturing environment that even a scaredy cat like me and a total beginner in this type of work felt at times challenged but safe and comfortable.

Tantric Touch is an ideal first weekend, offering a deliciously experiential introduction to practical ways of bringing tantra into your life, as well as including glimpses into of some of the essential fundamentals of Tantra. The work focuses strongly on the discoveries you make together.  Touch is a very direct way of meeting your partner freshly, in the body. Throughout the weekend, you work exclusively with your partner for any intimate work. Though this workshop is designed to be suitable for couples who are new to Tantra, many of our clients find it is worth revisiting again, further along in their tantric journey together.  The workshop includes structures for you to take home and explore further after the weekend is over.

In  the first evening we introduce you to Tantra with a Tantric ritual   for Awakening the Senses.  On Saturday and Sunday we teach you  various touch structures which allow you to explore new and more subtle ways of tuning into each other, and awakening the energy-channels that flow through your partner’s body.  And finally, we teach you how to begin practicing tantric breathwork together.

This workshop introduces fundamental principles underlying  Tantric Couples’ work.   If you are interested in our 5-weekend Couples’ Training, Sex, Heart & Spirit, you should if possible attend this weekend first — if not, we strongly recommend that you attend this weekend during the Training itself.


Early Booking: £295 (Fully residential)

 A deposit of £100 per couple must be paid by September 1, 2020.  The remainder should be paid at the start of the group.

Late Booking (after September 1) £345 per couple (fully residential)

Late bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking

Non-residential: *£215 per couple

*All prices include meals and tuition

Friday Evening only “Taster”
There are also places for up to 5 additional Couples to  attend the Friday evening ONLY, as a powerful first “Taster.”  To attend this, you need to arrive by 6.30, and the ceremony ends around 10.30.  The cost is £35 per couple.
How to Book: See Contact & Booking.