Deborah Anapol & the Integration Workshops

Our Integration Workshops have grown out of the teaching we received from our friend and mentor, Deborah Taj Anapol (1951-2016). Deborah was a well-known American psychotherapist, sexologist, and author of Love Without Limits (1992). We first met her when teaching at a Tantra festival in the summer of 2012, and were immediately blown away by the power and creativity of her teaching. We had our first experience of an intense 5-day workshop in Pelvic Heart Integration in London three months later. For the next four years we became variously assistants, apprentices, and eventually Trainees along with the international group she created to pass on PHI. Deborah died, suddenly, in the autumn of 2016, just as we were about to run our first 5-day PHI course with her. For us, she is still a very real presence whenever we share this work, which we have now made our own.

Pelvic Heart Integration, as we were trained for teaching it by Deborah, draws on a unique combination of neo-Reichian breath and bodywork and Gestalt dialogue structures. The early stages of the workshop centre around breathing patterns and belief systems, and how they are “held” in the body. The later stages are all about inviting transformation of habitual energetic and psychological patterns. If “love without limits” was the goal of Deborah’s earlier work, “life without limits” is the direction in which this Bodymind work flows — stepping into freedom.

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