What is “Pelvic Heart Integration”?

Jack Painter“Deep integration, profound core healing of what comes to the surface of being in relationship, about love, staying in your own truth, [and] meeting the partner again in the healing space..”    — PHI couples’ lab, 2016
“Thank you so much for today…it was wonderful to feel so beautifully received, held and accepted…lovely…nourishing…liberating! It is amazing work you are doing with this.”   –Individual PHI session with Robert & Marta, 2016
Pelvic Heart Integration is a powerful system of breath and bodywork created by Jack Painter, who was Deborah Anapol’s teacher, mentor and colleague until his death in 2010. Deborah Anapol was our teacher until her sudden death this past summer.   Her beautiful teaching have inspired us to carry out her wish and  continue to develop the unique blend of breath work, bodywork, Gestalt based integration, and intimate bodywork that she taught us.  This work is open to anyone who wishes to make use of this powerful work to move beyond their conditTaj Anapolioning into greater authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship. This work opens the whole body to sexual flow, releasing energetic and physical blockages, and connecting heart and pelvis. It also offers a unique way to access strength and support from our ancestral line, making way for us to access our true aliveness in the present, unencumbered by the wounds of the past.
As Deborah taught us, the PHI workshops   divide into a series of three “levels”:
.On Level 1 we will be teaching the four-part PHI breath cycle, and looks at ways to harmonize our relationship with our inner masculine and inner feminine.   We also introduce the unique concept of the four genders, looking at how we can begin to shape shift out of our old patterns and limitations around gender identity.
Level 2 works more deeply with the breath cycle, and looks at where we have blocks in giving and receiving in our bodies, and how to open to freedom in our whole physical and emotional being.   Level 2 also brings in working with the ancestral line, transforming long held sexual patterns in our backgrounds.
In Level 3 we work more closely with the bodywork part of the teaching, and combine the breath work and support of the transformed inner masculine and feminine with deep intimate massage.   Level 3 is about opening the whole being to the pleasure of freedom of being fully alive in this moment, pulsing with the passion of the heart, and flowing with sexual energy.
We have combined our experience of teaching Tantra for couples and Deborah PHI teaching to create a unique Pelvic Heart workshop designed especially for couples.   On this workshop we will be exploring Pelvic Heart as a shared breathing practice, and how the tools of PHI can enrich and harmonize your relationship.   We will also look at how the combined energy and love that a couple share between them can help provide support and healing for another couple or for an individual member of a pair.   The material will come  mainly from Level 1 & 2 of the PHI programme above.
Our individual sessions can include any of these areas of work, depending on where you are in your life and in your body.   We work very gently and respectfully, and always as a pair, to provide a sense of support and containment.   For prices and to arrange a session with us please email us or contact us on (44) 1364 72291.
You can find more information about Pelvic Heart Integration and listen to an interview with Deborah Anapol by clicking here

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