Winter Solstice: The Birth of the Magical Child

“I had a magical time during Winter Solstice.  Thank you for the space and your wisdom.”

“What dropped into place at solstice was that finally my magical child is stronger and ruling the show more than the wounded inner child.  I have a beautiful image of her leading the scared tentative wounded one Winter candlesby the hand, with love and tenderness and encouragement  but not letting her keep her back.”

 December 15-17, 2017    Nab Cottage, Rydal, Lake District

Sparkling energy, good food, warm embraces, wild dancing in candlelight, love that longs to be shared — this is the Winter Solstice, the deepest dark of the year.   Celebrate with the Celtic Tantra community, sharing your stories, your sexual fire, your Winter Magic.  Located at the very heart of the Lake District, in a wonderfully historic and welcoming old homestead (once home to De Quincey), where Robert & Marta are the group leaders, teamed up with Tim & Liz, your Hosts for this Yuletide celebration.


RESIDENTIAL   (Deposit £65) Includes tuition, accommodation and all meals: £165.  Accommodation is mainly in shared rooms for 2- 4 people.  There are also two single rooms, for an additional charge of £30 each.

NON-RESIDENTIAL (Deposit £50), Includes tuition, lunch and evening meal: £115.

Your Deposit must be paid in advance, and guarantees you a place on the workshop.  It is non-returnable.  The remainder may be paid on arrival.

Discretionary Reductions:  For this workshop, we are also happy to offer a number of  £25 reductions  for the low waged.

Food :  This workshop is catered.  All food is fresh, home cooked, and vegetarian.  If you are on a special diet, you should let us know immediately, so that we can inform Nab Cottage well in advance, as they are the caterers.  They reserve the right to charge extra if your dietary requirements are complex, or involve extra expense.

Accommodation Needs & Choices: We will pass on any special requests or requirements about rooms immediately to your hosts at Nab Cottage, for them to negotiate with you.

Please let us know of any such needs well in advance, so we have time to sort out these matters to your liking!

Booking:  Places are limited. Please contact us by phone or email to let us know you want to book, and we will confirm that a place is available, and hold your place, subject to the receipt of your deposit.  Your Deposit must be paid within 5 days, and guarantees you a place on the workshop.  Deposits are non-returnable.   You may send your deposit by post, or by Bank Transfer, in which case you should ask for details at the time of booking.  Final payment must be made before the end of the workshop.

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