Workshops for Women


All our live workshops have been suspended during the pandemic, but Marian has now started running some on line workshops (Click below for her website).  We hope to a workshop at Meadow Cottage, near South Brent , in the second half of 2021.
As well as running our own workshops, Celtic Tantra hosts two Women’s workshops a year created by our wonderful friend and exceptional Taoist teacher, Marian Rose.  We cannot overstress how invaluable we have found  for many of the women who have attended our Celtic Tantra workshops, and how beautifully Marian’s work, both with women’s sexual energy flow and with their flow with the dance with the seasons, complements what we teach in all our work.   For these workshops, Marian is assisted by Marta, who helps her in the organisation of the workshops, and with preparing the food, which is finely tuned to meet what Marian  requires.

All these workshops are still currently suspended

Marian’s Workshops listed here are sponsored by Celtic Tantra, and run in our workshop space.  Currently Marian is not offering any workshop here during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Marian Rose has been practicing traditional acupuncture since 2006 using an integrated style combining traditional Chinese medicine with Five Element Acupuncture.  In Thailand she completed the Sacred Feminine Treasures Teacher training with Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos, including Taoist Tantric Arts. She has also trained with Mantak Chia (the founder of the Universal Healing Tao tradition).   She teaches the Universal Healing Tao style of qi gong, and facilitates women’s circles, meditation groups, and Jade egg practices.

For more information on Marian’s work, please visit her website:click here.

As a specimen of her work, we offer details advertised during her November 8-10, 2019 workshop here.

Most recent 2019 workshop:  Embracing Womb Wisdom

Near South Brent, November 8-10, 2019

Marian Rose in Autumn

This weekend retreat was about getting grounded and still as we move into wintertime, so that we can connect more intimately with our bodies and emotions. Many patterns that no longer serve us are held in our pelvises, and especially our wombs, vaginas and ovaries.  Focusing on our pelvises, and listening deeply to what lies there, allows us to begin to shed these patterns as easily and naturally as the trees shed their leaves.   It offers an opportunity to create space for ‘over-wintering’ incubation of  new ways of being.

In this workshop, Marian led Qi Gung exercises and related Taoist exercises to open the whole body to the energy of the season.   On the Sunday she holds a Jade Egg circle, using the power and focus of the Jade Egg, to help focus and listen especially to our wombs.  It can be quite extraordinary the messages we receive when we set our intentions to commune whole heartedly with this sacred part of ourselves.  The Jade Egg, as a powerful balancing healing crystal, can be programmed to absorb deeply engrained emotional patterning held in the cellular memory of our yonis.

The workshop is held in  Marta and Robert’s warm studio space and in a beautiful nearby woodland.

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