Celtic Tantra Workshops

The Goddess and the Green Man: A Beltane Celebration

Private woodland near Tiverton

6.30PM Friday May 3 to 4.00PM Monday May 6

Beltane is a wild leap into the lushness of early spring, a celebration of the creative meeting of the masculine and feminine in ourselves and in the world around us.   We will be meeting the Goddess and the Green Man is each other, in ourselves and in nature, connecting with the power and grace of our sexual flow, and the exciting energy around us.   This workshop explores ritual meeting, enactment, and healing — focusing around the traditional May morning dawn vigil, when the Goddess and the Green Man are most alive and tangible in us and around us.

We are very excited to be working at a wonderful private woodland in the wild country outside of Tiverton, perched on the edge of a wooded hill, overlooking a wide river, surrounded by rounded hills and ancient woodlands. There is plenty of space for outdoor camping, and some indoor sleeping space as well, plus a warm and beautiful converted barn space for working and eating in. There is also a gorgeous 16 foot circular yurt (heated by its own wood burner) available for sleeping and for smaller gatherings.

The cost for this 3-day workshop is £95 per person if booked and paid for by April 14. Later booking £115. Bring food to share. You will also need to bring all your own bedding, towels and camping equipment.

We’re working with an absolute maximum of 12 people, so do let us know soon if you would like a place.

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