Celtic Tantra Workshops

Lammas: The Hush of Summer

Wildways on the Borle, Shropshire

6.30PM Friday July 26 to 4.00PM Sunday July 28

Lammas is the lush and beautiful lull before the harvest, time and space to take stock of what you are growing and what has grown for you this year. At Lammas you can easily gather in goodness from the bounty around you, at a time when the boundaries between inner and outer simply melt in the summer sun. We will explore gentle and sensual contact, and open ourselves to experience the sweetness of the natural world in all its glory, and to give thanks for being alive in this moment. It is a lovely time to be softly held and nourished by the Earth and by each other.
Wildways has plenty of room for camping (we highly recommend it at this time of year), plus indoor sleeping spaces. Some private sleeping spaces available at an extra charge.
Bring food to share.

Cost £175 per person if booked and paid for by July 1, later booking price £190.

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