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Celtic Tantra is inspired by the cycle of the year, and how we as human beings, can tune more fully into the energetic flow of the natural world as it shifts and changes through the seasons. We both have a background in theatre and dance, poetry and creative writing, and the energetic practices of western Tantra.

Weaving a blend of these tools we create a community experience at each of the traditional Celtic Gateways, those powerful points in the year when we as humans can receive and interact with what nature has to offer us. In our modern world we don’t stop to experience the subtle changes these gateways mark, and those changes our ancestors celebrated.

The artificial world is a construct which encourages a fixed identity. This is the very opposite of how our ancestors tuned themselves to what the earth was calling for, which was, and is, different each time we make the round of seasons. In each of these gateways we need to find freshly what this season offers us and how we can, as humans, dance and move with what is being offered us.

For over twenty years we have followed the round of seasons, developing and deepening this work. We have gathered many wonderful and delicious tools – touch, massage, breathwork, meditations and rituals – to tell the story of each of these gateways and encourage a special kind of heartfelt intimacy within our groups, both with each other and with the earth that we live on.

We work always in beautiful natural woodland, where we can truly be supported and inspired by nature. For us this feels like a deep and necessary healing and is what inspires us to continue celebrating the generative cycle of the year.


Robert & Marta
January 2024

Robert & Marta, creators of Celtic Tantra

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Thanks once again for a magical weekend in the woods. It’s lovely to feel a sense of belonging in the Celtic Tantra community – the gatherings feel like a strong, steady heartbeat running through my year …hard to imagine what life was like before I came to Celtic Tantra.

I’d like to thank you both for the space you held, the wisdom you bring, along with so many lovely people that follow in your wake to make the weekends so powerful.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most wonderfully transforming weekend – I really feel as if I haven’t come BACK home but FORWARD home (!) and I feel as if the world is a different and even more beautiful place.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. It was lovely to have such fun in a magical place and you are amazing facilitators.. I am hooked by the peace and the playfulness of it and hope to join you in the woods again!

Definitely bringing a sense of the place home with me. Thank you so much for holding such a beautiful space… It was truly magical. I love that you attract such wonderful people to the woods – my spirit always feels satisfied after a Celtic Tantra weekend.

Very much appreciated your heart, integrity and simple friendliness. Thanks for fanning the green flame.

We just want to say a big thank you for a lovely weekend. It was delightful, delicious, beautiful and inspiring … you created a great setting for all of us in the group to flourish and enjoy both the learning and the experiencing – we love the way you are together and teach together.

Thank you to you both for the courage and energy you have put into building the strength of our community – you make it look effortless but I’m sure a lot of work goes on behind the scenes.

No matter what has been coming towards me in the last week, I have managed to lovingly remain in my centre. It feels really good!

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