Celtic Tantra Workshops

Spring Equinox: Renewal

Nab Cottage, Rydal

6.30PM Friday March 22 to 3.00PM Sunday March 24

At Spring Equinox, we stand on the threshold of spring, with the dark of winter behind us, and all that holds, and the light of spring before us, with its potential for growth and renewal. The invitation is both to feel and recognize what is growing in us and nourish that, and to embrace what is in us and around us that we don’t yet know, the unknown and the undiscovered. It’s a time to connect with our essential energy flow, and the flow of life in the world around us, to let that carry us forward into this spring.

This workshop explores some basic Tantric breathwork and bodywork, to open the body to its essential vitality and flow. From this place we can connect deeply with the emerging vitality of the natural world.
There are few places as perfect as Nab Cottage for this celebration of light and life, nestled as it is in the vibrant landscape of the Lake District, surrounded by magical lakes and hills.

Cost: £215 early booking by March 1, later booking £235.

Non-residential places are available at £130 early booking, £150 later.

Rooms are mainly ensuite, a few single rooms are available for a surcharge. Single rooms must be pre-booked.

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